Make. North Docks: Maker Meetup #4

Make. North Docks: Maker Meetup #4
Make. North Docks: Maker Meetup #4

Venue: Make Liverpool
Dates: 20/06/2018
Times: 18:00

Maker Meetup #4

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Maker Meetup: A chance for makers of all types to talk, test and titter.

This is a chance for the city region’s community of makers to get together every once in a while to showcase their work, meet other makers, and discuss the maker movement happening in the city.

This fourth installment of our Maker Meetup will feature short talks from makers and creators discussing the theme “Taking the Leap”. We will discuss what they do, how they do it, and when they knew they were ready to take the leap into working for themselves.

The event will include a complimentary drink and some food thank to the support of Open Maker EU.

This meetup will feature makers including:

Melody Rule, A Curious Twist – Melody runs the popular Etsy shop ACuriousTwist, where she sells her cross stitching patterns and products, but with a curious twist. The twist being the blunt and, ahem, explicit nature of the messages, ha. She recently took the leap into full time making & selling as well as running classes in cross stitch right here at Make!

Sally Ayres, Frieda Mo’s – Sally Ayres recently opened the Lark Lane bakery & vintage goods store Frieda Mo’s where she sells vintage clothes and cakes she bakes herself. Sally also runs the lifestyle brand Pretty Flamingos, an online shop for vintage clothes, festival wares, & jewellery.

Harry Mytton, Hairy Mitten Signs – Harry is a traditional sign writer specialising in high quality hand painted and hand made signage. He is based in Liverpool, but serves the whole of the north west from Manchester to North Wales. In town you can spot his writing all over Liverpool, on Filter and Fox, Bunch Wine Bar, across the top of Frieda Mo’s, and more!

Dr. Paul Myers, the co-founder and managing director of Farm Urban. He will be talking about their Open Maker project and what farm urban do. Check out his Tedx Talk on the deep-seated problems with our current food system, and the devastating effects this is having on our environment and our health.


Arrivals from: 18:00

Talks start at 18:30 and will last around an hour.

Stick around after get to know other makers, enjoy a drink and somen food on us.

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