Make. North Docks: Introduction to Woodwork: Scrap Wood Challenge

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    Make. North Docks: Introduction to Woodwork: Scrap Wood Challenge

    Venue: Make Liverpool
    Dates: 04/05/19
    Times: 10:30 - 17:00

    Introduction to Woodwork: Scrap Wood Challenge
    by Make.

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    In this introduction to woodwork class, you will be given creative freedom to build whatever you like from absolute scratch.

    Over the space of a full day, Keith our resident woodworking guru will help you through each process from conception to construction. If you know what you want to build and what materials you want to use but struggle to connect the dots, Keith can help your design process. Or if you have never even picked up a hammer and want to learn some new skills, this is the class for you.

    Wood is our expertise as we use it the most, but if you have a particular object of significance or find an alternative material to timber you want to incorporate in your project then Keith will help you. There are usually chunks, lengths and offcuts of wood discarded in our workshop and we would rather not waste them. Why call something rubbish and throw it away when you can upcycle, recycle and turn it into something useful.

    And most importantly you will have access to our workshop with its variety of tools, learning to use a core selection and also branching out into the more obscure if your project needs it.

    You can come with some ideas already or just an open mind and an eagerness to learn. The only restriction on your project is size and complexity. The resources and time are not bottomless, if your plans are a little too grand or need a mathematician to figure it out, we will need to find a happy medium. This is a chance to really allow yourself to think creatively, so come a build something truly unique.