Liverpool: Two Public Art Installations: Sites of Refuge (2)

Liverpool: Two Public Art Installations: Sites of Refuge (2)

Liverpool: Two Public Art Installations: Sites of Refuge (2)

Date(s): 11.12.15 - 14.12.15
Time(s): 13:00

Public Art Installation: Sites of Refuge

Tree of Refuge: Clayton Square L1 1LR
December 4 – 23 2015. Opening Rites 11.00 on Friday 4 December

Transitional Shelter: Jamaica St. & Bridgewater St. L1 0AA
December 11 – 14 2015. Private View 13.00 on Friday 11 December

Filipino artist Jason Dy, S.J. is to exhibit Sites of Refuge in Liverpool’s city centre. The project seeks to engage the public in the topical conversation of displacement, refuge and sanctuary. The artist aims to create sites that evoke disruption as well as meditation.

The project is comprised of two installations; a Tree of Refuge located in Clayton Square and a Transitional Shelter built and displayed in the Baltic Triangle. Both pieces are interactive; the tree – a 6ft Syrian Cedar tree will be dedicated to those who have lost their lives whilst fleeing conflict. The dedication will take the form of a traditional tree wrapping ceremony conducted by a Buddhist Monk. The public will then be invited to write their hopes and prayers for the victims of political, religious and cultural persecutions on tags and to tie them on the twigs of the tree.

The Transitional Shelter will be constructed out of discarded and salvaged materials. Once assembled it will visually reflect the shelters built by the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines in 2013. The public are invited to climb into the temporary structure and listen to the continual sound of rain whilst taking a verse from the biblical lament Psalm 77 and write it themselves on the walls of the shed.

This will be Dy’s final European Exhibition before he returns to the Philippines in December and is expected to be a provocative and moving work.

Both sites are free but donations can be made to the Philippine charity Task Force Noah for survivors of the recent typhoon Kuppo and to Liverpool’s Hope+ Food Bank and Asylum Link.

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