Liverpool Central Library: Archive Exhibition

Liverpool Central Library: Archive Exhibition

Liverpool Central Library: Archive Exhibition

Venue: Liverpool Central Library
Date(s): 1.3.19
Time(s): 10:00 - 17:00

Archive Exhibition
Liverpool Central Library
1st March 2018, 10am-5pm

– One Day Only – 

Archive is an exciting new contemporary art exhibition, with a range of different art pieces. The exhibition is curated by second year Liverpool Hope fine art students. Archive will be taking place for one day only on the 1st March at the Central Library, in Liverpool city centre. You will be able to find us on the 4th floor, so come give us a visit!

Saffron Ashworth (@saffsquatch): Saffron is currently exploring ways to obstruct the face and alter a portrait largely through paint and photography. In their current practice her portraits represent the relationships we all have, and how our infinite perceptions of others are always inaccurate.

Georgia Ridout (@georgiaridoutart): Georgia has currently taken an interest in observational art and is experimenting with projection and video work. She is exploring the social aspects of Liverpool and homelessness in the city, developing art to showcase these issues subtly. The majority of her past works are quite figurative and created in mainly acrylic paint or graphite pencil.

Elspeth Harrison (@eharrisonart): Elspeth is currently fascinated by the concept of time, and her project is extremely experimental. It explores various mediums including narrative photography, printing, drawing, painting and poetry. She’s greatly influenced by works of literature, and her subject matter is both familial and otherwise.

Chris Stokes ( Chris is looking into a variety of myths and folk tales from across the globe, reinterpreting them in new ways and focusing on specific aspects, figures and objects he finds interesting. He works mainly with drawing and painting, but is also interested in the potential offered by sound art and the use of ambient noise.

Ryan Glover (@newryanglover): Ryan is looking into storytelling as a project, specifically at the aspect of the fantasy genre and the creatures depicted in them. Looking at the Harry Potter and Lord of the rings universe for inspiration, and tying his emotions to personify the creatures in appearance and personality.

Becky Adams (@beckyadamsart): Becky is currently creating a body of experimental works, exploring a range of  mixed media techniques and methods. With a particular interest in presentation, visual aspects and composition, looking into different ways of combining and presenting images, text  illustrations as one piece. Her wider interests include feminist and contemporary art.

Tamzin Ashcroft (@jamtamllama): Tamzin is fascinated by the merging of historical styles and concepts mixed with modern beliefs and trends. Animalistic threads also run through much of her works and influence her thinking. She is currently investigating artificial intelligence and the role this potentially dangerous creation could have on society. Producing paintings heavily influenced by surrealism, Tamzin approaches the topic of synthetic life from a macabre viewpoint also using stop motion as a vehicle for representation.

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