FACT: Artist Talk: Suzanne Treister

FACT: Artist Talk: Suzanne Treister
FACT: Artist Talk: Suzanne Treister

Venue: FACT
Dates: 27/02/2019
Times: 18:30

The Box / Ground Floor / FACT

Wed, 27 Feb
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Part of the Winter 2018 season

Join us and artist Suzanne Treister, winner of the 2018 Collide Award, for a discussion about her new work The Holographic Universe Theory of Art History (THUTOAH), currently showing as part of Broken Symmetries.

Initially recognized in the 1980s as a painter, Treister became a pioneer in the digital/new media/web based field from the beginning of the 1990s, making work about emerging technologies, developing fictional worlds and international collaborative organisations. Utilising various media, including video, the internet, interactive technologies, photography, drawing and watercolour, Treister has evolved a large body of work which engages with eccentric narratives and unconventional bodies of research to reveal structures that bind power, identity and knowledge.

Often spanning several years, her projects comprise fantastic reinterpretations of given taxonomies and histories that examine the existence of covert, unseen forces at work in the world, whether corporate, military or paranormal. An ongoing focus of her work is the relationship between new technologies, society, alternative belief systems and the potential futures of humanity.