Lady Lever Art Gallery: Inspired by Lady Lever

Lady Lever Art Gallery: Inspired by Lady Lever

Lady Lever Art Gallery: Inspired by Lady Lever

Venue: Lady Lever Art Gallery
Date(s): 24.6.22 - 29.1.23
Time(s): All Day

Inspired by Lady Lever

Celebrating 100 years of the Lady Lever Art Gallery and the life of the woman it was named after

A fabulous gown created for Lady Lever will go on display for the first time in this display celebrating 100 years of history at Lady Lever Art Gallery, and the life of the woman it’s named after.

Elizabeth Lever was a support and inspiration to her husband throughout the development of Lever’s business, Lever Brothers, and the building of the village of Port Sunlight. Although Lord Leverhulme named the gallery after his wife, who died in 1913, there is very little in the gallery about Elizabeth herself.

A recent rediscovery in the gallery store of a court dress, which belonged to Elizabeth, has provided the opportunity to exhibit this personal piece of history of Elizabeth Lever and to shed more light on her story.

As part of the celebrations for the gallery’s centenary year, the Inspired by Lady Lever display will also include the thoughts of visitors past and present, to help build a picture of what the gallery has meant to people throughout its 100 year history.

Working with the Port Sunlight Village Trust and Unilever, this exhibition will also encourage local residents and visitors to share their recollections and reflections through the display and hear about the future vision for the gallery.