Kirkby Gallery: Kirkbyography Events

Kirkby Gallery: Kirkbyography Events

Kirkby Gallery: Kirkbyography Events

Venue: Kirkby Gallery
Date(s): 18.11.22 - 22.11.22
Time(s): 00:00

We have been collecting memories and images of Kirkby to tell the town’s life story in Kirkbyography.

An Explorer Trail of large-scale outdoor displays will be scattered throughout Kirkby so people can walk around the town and enjoy the photographs, ephemera and quotes.

The Kirkbyography Explorer Trail launches on Friday 18 November, with maps available from The Kirkby Centre, Kirkby Gallery, Kirkby Train Station and Kirkby Leisure Centre.

We are still collecting stories, as Kirkbyography
continues to document the development of the town.

Kirkby Gallery will host the extended Kirkbyography exhibition 14 August – 13 October 2023

Join us for a chat in our Kirkbyography Cab!
It will be tootling around the town and stopping to record your tales at the following locations:

Friday 18 November:
10.30am – 12.30pm: Outside the Kirkby Centre (L32 8XY).
1 – 3.30pm: In the Shopping Centre car park (near Home Bargains / Morrisons).

Saturday 19 November:
11am – 3pm: Kirkby Train Station (L32 2AE)

Monday 21 November:
11am – 1.30pm: Kirkby Leisure Centre (L32 8SA)
2pm – 4pm: Mill Dam Park (L32 2BH)

Tuesday 22 November:
3pm – 7.30pm: All Saints High School (L33 8XF)

To book your 10 minute slot in the Kirkbyography Cab, email