Kazimier Stockroom: Damsel Talk

Kazimier Stockroom: Damsel Talk
Kazimier Stockroom: Damsel Talk

Venue: Kazimier Stockroom
Dates: 19/07/2019
Times: 19:30

“British born but Buenos Aires based performer, Damsel Talk, aka Jenny Moule, uses gesture, costume and an elastic voice to narrate tales of lovers and thieves. Set to release her second album, The Anchor, which is steeped in stylised jazz, glam noir and spiralling outbreaks of improvisation and crash, bang, wallop. A vaudeville cabaret ensues with squeaky toys and horns, and macabre lyrics, she cries aloud: ‘shoot me like a rabbit and sling me over your shoulder’.

Inspired by the diva swing era of Anita O’Day and Eartha Kitt, and the choreographic scenes of Bob Fosse and the musical score of Cy Coleman in Sweet Charity, Damsel Talk launches a visual performance, casting herself as a dishevelled Doris Day, a dame that is on her last legs, gasping for air and paracetamol, she grips the microphone as if it were her last phone call and the audience become part of the melodrama.”

Last February Damsel Talk opened for Rod Stewart’s concerts in Argentina. Her band have a regular spot at the prestigious Argentine hot spot for jazz, the Thelonious Jazz Club. And last month she was selected to be part of the Buenos Aires International Festival (FIBA).

Tickets are on sale now for just £5 and can be purchased here.