IB18: Tunstall Street: #Tunstall30 #greenredblue making event

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    IB18: Tunstall Street: #Tunstall30 #greenredblue making event

    Venue: Tunstall Street
    Dates: 22/07/18
    Times: 05:30 - 23:30

    #Tunstall30 #greenredblue making event, by Ali Harwood. 5.10am-late

    Artist Ali Harwood will create a response to the #Tunstall30 from sunrise at 05:10 on Sunday 22.7.2018.

    It will begin at the Earle Road end and finish at Smithdown Road. You’re welcome to join him until it’s done.

    Ali has been making a point of spending time with the thirty houses on Tunstall Street since 2014. He has made art about his conversations with these buildings.


    Ali Harwood is an artist, poet, writer and teacher. He searches for the places where myths become real.

    Ali’s art appears from the walls of Jamaica Street to the screens of the Queen Elizabeth Hall; his poetry travels from the dance of kathak and its illuminating power to hosting the monthly Liver Bards event; he writes of dragons and stonecutters for all who are young at heart; and he teaches in home and schools by listening for where to start.