IB18: The Royal Standard: Gary Sollars: One Way

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    IB18: The Royal Standard: Gary Sollars: One Way

    Venue: The Royal Standard
    Dates: 21/07/18 - 13/08/18
    Times: 12:00 - 17:00

    Gary is holding his first solo exhibition at The Royal Standard Gallery during the city’s international arts festival, the Liverpool Biennial. The exhibition will feature over 30 works curated by Gary from his catalogue from 1994 onwards.

    Sollars says: “These are mainly autobiographical works about life, love, relationships, politics and humour. I’m a common voice in a middle class, la di d’art world and so it’s time I put that voice in front of the public to shake things up a bit!”

    The short films include his popular stand-up comedy routines, poems, regrets and reflective rants on love and life. His paintings are large scale, dealing with personal and political themes and his sculptures are strangely disconcerting using horsehair, toy cars and fun fur.

    Sollars is forthright and unapologetic for his queer stance and his work pulls no punches.