IB18: dot-art: Light on Water

IB18: dot-art: Light on Water
IB18: dot-art: Light on Water

Venue: dot-art Gallery
Dates: 11/08/2018 - 22/08/2018
Times: All Day

Light on Water

Saturday 11 August – Saturday 22 September

dot-art Gallery’s new exhibition Light on Water will be open to the public from 11thAugust – 22nd September and will showcase the works of 10 contemporary artists from the North-West. Each of the artists share a fascination with light and its everchanging effect on the surface of water.

This exhibition features a plethora of artists Clare Bates, Dorothy Benjamin, Frank Linnett, Grahame Ashcroft, Julie Lawrence, Mark Nelson, Mark Reeves, Mark Sheeky, Rob Edmondson, and Subhash Lal, each examining the interplay of light and water and the different way in which water can be represented through art.

The Light on Water collection exploits a variety of media to convey our most abundant yet precious element. From dark layers of oil to dappled watercolour, each artist transcends the symbolic wavy line, using water as a subject to determine the overall mood of the piece.

Julie Lawrence’s ‘Tide of Light’ series fades sky into ocean, capturing the fleeting and ephemeral quiet of fog-covered marshland and slick rock pools before the swelling tides take over. Using light, curved brushstrokes Julie lifts the textural coastline from the unusual stillness of the water.

Photographer Mark Reeves adopts an array of camera techniques to create his open and minimal compositions. Capturing soft planes of light refracting on the water’s surface, Mark’s impressionistic use of angle and movement accentuate the passage of time.

New Zealand born Dorothy Benjamin renders the true essence of the rural British landscape, drawing inspiration from the Welsh coast and the dark peaks of Derbyshire. Her mood-filled landscapes are heavy with foreboding; dark clouds casting sheets of rain into the distant churning waves and using light brush strokes highlighting where sea tumbles into land.

Painter Rob Edmondson uses colour to showcase the relationship between light and water. From accents of ochre to cerulean, his coastal landscapes depict the setting sun over expanses of water in an almost photographic style, perching the viewer on a panoramic vantage point.

Each of these works complement a series of art by Clare BatesGrahame AshcroftSubhash LalMark NelsonFrank Linnett and Mark Sheeky.

This exhibition runs from Saturday 11th August and runs to Saturday 22nd September. Entry is free and all are welcome.