Homotopia: Pattern of Play

Homotopia: Pattern of Play
Homotopia: Pattern of Play

Dates: 29/10/2020 - 22/12/2020
Times: All Day


Pattern of Play is a portraits series of Lily Parr by illustrator Millie Chesters. An inspirational story of strength commissioned by St Helens Borough Council’s Arts In Libraries team for Homotopia Festival 2020.     

Born in 1905, Lily was a pioneering footballer from St Helens, known for her powerful kick and strong personality. She was open about being lesbian long before the UK’s decriminalisation of homosexuality and she carried on playing football despite the FA’s 1921 ruling against women playing on affiliated grounds in the UK.     

Millie Chesters is an illustrator who brings lines into life across her sketchbooks and digital spaces. Inspired by sport, portraiture and music, her drawings are full of movement and capable of communicating social issues with clear vitality.

Visit: lilyparr.org 



Commissioned by St Helens Borough Council’s Arts In Libraries