HeadSpace@EggSpace: Two – An exhibition by Pamela Holstein & Lucy Cecilia Pickavance

HeadSpace@EggSpace: Two - An exhibition by Pamela Holstein & Lucy Cecilia Pickavance

HeadSpace@EggSpace: Two – An exhibition by Pamela Holstein & Lucy Cecilia Pickavance

Venue: HeadSpace at EggSpace
Date(s): 25.1.18 - 4.3.18
Time(s): All Day

– An exhibition by Pamela Holstein & Lucy Cecilia Pickavance

Greetings one & all,

Up next at the Egg we have not one but TWO artists for your perusal. Please join us this Thursday night (25th) for the private view between 7-8:30pm to view the art works for sale and meet the artists, Pamela Holstein and Lucy Cecilia Pickavance. If you can’t make the opening night the exhibition runs until 4th March.

Here’s some more information about the artists and their work…

Pamela Holstein

For many years I have kept scrapbooks of quirky stories and imagery that appeal to me. These, combined with my interest in the natural world, feed into my work. This exhibition covers a number of series of work both prints and assemblages produced over recent years.

The drawings and collages depicting insects aims to celebrate the beauty in these often reviled creatures whose work is so vital in sustaining ecosystems around the world.

The work depicting animals is a comment on how humans behave in the world. The images are about how humans treat animals as commodities, how they suffer as victims of war. This work is a clarion call for a better world, one in which the planet that sustains us is respected. All life is equal and no life has a price. The ‘Boss of..’ prints are part of a series of portraits of characterful animals in whose environment, I was a visitor and they the masters of that domain.

Some of my work is a humorous comment on life and experiences. Progress was slow and painful was created in response to a workplace situation, I want to be your dog is about the masks we wear in life in order to fit in; Hell came to us and Dog of Doom cover themes around mental health.

I enjoy drawing and that’s why I’m drawn to printmaking. The artists I’m inspired by are Joseph Cornell, Nikki De Sant Phalle, Joseph Beuys and Goya. I trained in 3D design and ceramics and glass studying at Middlesex University and the Royal College of Art.


Lucy Cecilia Pickavance

Lucy is a self-taught portrait artist who lives and works on Merseyside. Her preferred media are coloured pencil, pastel and crayon. She often uses these together to capture realistic and expressive likenesses of animals – particularly of our primate cousins – and well-known people in popular culture, reflecting her training in anatomy and keen appreciation of natural form. Recently, however, she has begun to experiment with looser techniques, using watercolour and ink effects. She is interested in how the public react emotionally to the two approaches – technical versus impressionistic. Lucy works primarily from photographs, but also enjoys maintaining her sketching skills with life-drawing.