HeadSpace@EggSpace: Tapping into Inner Worlds by Jennifer Hawkins

    Visual metaphor for psychological phenomena – Brain Connections (Artist’s PhD Data)
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    HeadSpace@EggSpace: Tapping into Inner Worlds by Jennifer Hawkins

    Venue: HeadSpace at EggSpace
    Dates: 03/08/17 - 10/09/17
    Times: 00:00

    Tapping into Inner Worlds by Jennifer Hawkins

    These paintings portray metaphors for thought processes and feelings. The exhibition is an accumulation of 10 years’ worth of research into feelings and emotions connected with learning. Whilstthe exhibition is mainly Original works, there are a number of Limited Edition Fine Art Prints (priced accordingly).

    “I like to experiment with abstract and representational forms, colours and textures. The paintings are done in a range of mixed media, printing, watercolour, ink wash, graphite, pen, pencil and crayon – monochrome and colour effects on watercolour paper. My ‘Thoughts’ paintings have grown out of my collaborative teaching research into feelings and learning – they portray emotions, ideas and moods. There were ten of these in my PhD thesis in 2010, nine of the originals are for sale – all except ‘Which Way?’ which has been chosen for the cover of my book (prints available). The book is entitled “Feelings and Emotion-based Learning: A New Theory” soon to be published by Palgrave Macmillan.” Jennifer Hawkins

    For more information about Jennifer, her academic research and other feminist and landscape artwork please visit

    Website: www.jahwkins.co.uk