HeadSpace@EggSpace: Flis Rothwell

HeadSpace@EggSpace: Flis Rothwell
HeadSpace@EggSpace: Flis Rothwell

Venue: HeadSpace at EggSpace
Dates: 20/09/2018 - 28/10/2018
Times: All Day

After studying Fine Art at University in Leeds I took a break from painting whilst entering the world of work.  Three years ago I decided to pick up my brushes again and haven’t put them down since.

I work in oils because I like the process of building up layers and adding real depth and texture to my paintings; each painting you see will have dozens of layers which are barely if at all visible in the finished work. This sense of depth is important as my subjects are always living and it goes some way to capturing the vitality and quality of a living creature, whether they be human or animal.

The backgrounds of my work are always blended and I like to play with light whilst making sure the subject remains the primary focus of each work.

Most importantly my work is a celebration of the magic of life, nature, movement and light.