Haydock Library: Portals

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    Haydock Library: Portals

    Dates: 09/08/19
    Times: 19:00 - 20:00

    Haydock Library
    Saint Helens
    WA11 0LY
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    A Portal has opened…..

    A mysterious glowing disc appears in Haydock Library, inviting people to play.

    PORTALS is a mesmerizing interactive experience for all ages and abilities, allowing users to intuitively generate complex patterns through movement and colour.

    Portals Episode i: 1pm – 6pm. If you are brave enough to risk the threat of being sucked into another dimension, pop along and experiment with the Portal through movement and interaction.

    Portals Episode ii: 7pm. Digital artist Sam Meech and musician Raz Ullah present a special performance in surround sound, using coloured lasers to generate video that trigger a sweeping synth soundscape.

    Encounter something surreal. An everyday sci-fi experience.

    Portals Episode i: 1pm – 6pm (just turn up)

    Portals Episode ii: 7pm (book online)