Editions Ltd: The Liverpool Open 2017

Editions Ltd: The Liverpool Open 2017
Editions Ltd: The Liverpool Open 2017

Venue: Editions Ltd
Dates: 15/06/2017 - 15/07/2017
Times: All Day

The Liverpool Open
-at Editions 2017

Private View Thursday 15th June

General opening Friday 16th June to 15th July

We are delighted to be inviting you to the 2017 Liverpool Open Exhibition at Editions. The work we are exhibiting represents just some of the most exciting pieces produced on Merseyside by established and emerging artists.

This year we are excited to have seen and selected work from a number of new artists and as always it was only space that prevented us from choosing more.

The works were selected by an independent panel who were impressed by both the breadth and standard of the work.

The winner will have an exclusive solo show at Editions Gallery as well as a cash prize of £100.00 and a bottle of champagne.  Second prize is £75.00.

previous winners have been

2010 Peter Cameron- “Other People”
2011 Steve Strode- “With a Twist”
2012 Dennis Spicer – “Recent Paintings: Still Lives and Figures”
2013 Alistair Tucker -Solo show October 2014
2014 Mike Hatjoulis/Fred Jones (joint prize)
2015 Michael Lacey
2016 Anna Clark -From no fixed Viewpoint

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