Clerks (18) at George Henry Lee

    Location (with MAP): George Henry Lee's
    Date/Time: 19 August 2018. 2:00pm - 4:00pm
    Event: Film IB18 - Clerks (18) at George Henry Lee
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    Sunday August 19th
    Film Start 2pm
    George Henry Lee’s Basement

    Tickets £5/4 from here

    Don’t Cry, Shopgirl
    Films celebrating Saturday jobs, going to school and the joys of working on the front line in retail.
    I wasn’t even supposed to be here.
    Dante Hicks, a 22-year-old retail clerk at the Quick Stop convenience store in Leonardo, New Jersey, is called into work on his day off by his boss to cover a few hours for another employee who is sick. Arriving at the store, he finds that the locks to the security shutters are jammed closed with chewing gum, so he hangs a sheet over them with a message written in shoe polish: “I ASSURE YOU; WE’RE OPEN.”
    Then things go downhill.