CBS Gallery: Fruits of the Lûm – Exhibition by Tžužjj

CBS Gallery: Fruits of the Lûm - Exhibition by Tžužjj

CBS Gallery: Fruits of the Lûm – Exhibition by Tžužjj

Venue: CBS Gallery
Date(s): 25.3.16
Time(s): 18:00

Viewing Friday 25 March 2016, 18.00
Running until 10 April 2016,
open Sat 26 March, 2 & 9 April 12.00 – 16.00 or by appointment.

Fruits of the Lûm, the first exhibition by Tžužjj.

Fruits of the Lûm is an exhibition in two parts.

A series of public-realm commissions in the form of custom-made lightboxes will be displayed around Liverpool, launched in tandem with an exhibition at CBS gallery, showing the work of five international emerging artists, Mike Aitken, Adam Ferriss, Holly Hendry, Jake Laffoley and Chloë Manasseh.

Fruits of the Lûm looks at ideas of commerciality within contemporary art and how commerce might necessitate certain changes to an artist’s process of making. The title of this project is a playful reference to popular branding whilst also nodding to the French word for ‘light’ and cinematic pioneers, the Lumiére brothers. It was their invention of the film projector that allowed them to fulfill their desire to share with the world. These sentiments are echoed by Tžužjj through a desire to bring exciting artists into public consciousness. This exhibition and its accompanying public realm lightbox project are programmed as a gentle introduction to future intentions of Tžužjj.

Tžužjj is a curatorial project between Louis Palliser-Ames and James Harper. A playful re-working of the word ‘joosh’- a word with a myriad of spellings- tžužjj is an act of small movement or change; to improve something. The spelling of the name is intentionally convoluted, an antithesis to the idea that to ‘zhuzh’ something necessitates only a light hand. The project is focussed on sustaining relationships with emerging artists through research.

Locations of the five lightboxes will be revealed at the Private View on Friday 25th March.

Fruits of the Lûm will be accompanied by ‘Crit-a-Öke’ on 09/04/16 at Bluecoat, Liverpool, an event exploring critical writing and theatricality. Details available at
Mike Aitken’s work veers manically from a cursed self-loathing to an ego fuelled ‘oh-look-at-me’ fuck-fest. Twentieth century art history especially takes quite a beating. As does any notion of his own artistic or intellectual superiority. Pop music is ravaged from every angle possible. A smutty, teenage sense of humour presides. One pot cooking is the method. Screeching noise is the medium.
Recent exhibitions include: Nothing, British Pavillion Basement, Venice; 37 Pieces of Flair, Newbridge Projects, Newcastle; Situational Aesthetics, Airspace Gallery, Liverpool

Adam Ferriss is an artist based out of Los Angeles, CA. He received a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art, and is currently an MFA candidate at UCLA. His work has been featured widely around the web on the Creators Project, Wired, Fast Company, booooooom, but does it float, and more. Adam works with custom software to create websites, print media, and real time video, often employing the feedback loop as a digital reagent. His most recent works utilize indeterminate software systems to examine the visual language found in computer vision and machine learning research.
Recent Exhibitions include: Unsupervised Learning, Interstitial Theater, Seattle; Gifs to have sex by, Transfer Gallery, Brooklyn; Rare Meme, New Wight Gallery, Los Angeles; GIF, GIF, GAF, Elektro Museum, Moscow, Russia

Holly Hendry is a sculptor working with restrictions of space, attempting to construct interdependent relationships between the physical body and the surrounding architecture. Her sculptures explore the space between emotion and physicality, construction and collapse, flatness and fullness: a giddy floppiness of excess materiality. She is interested in the back of things; the open cracks where you see the gooey insides. She graduated from slade school of art in 2013 and is currently completing her masters studies in sculpture at the Royal College of Art, London.
Recent exhibitions include: The Door, Rice & Toye, London; Best In Show, It’s All Tropical & Das Balloon, London; More and More, More is More, Bosse & Baum, London; The March Project, Sharjah Art Foundation, UAE

Jake Laffoley is an artist, curator and member of the collective and school Practices in Remove. His work addresses political questions such as work and capital under neoliberal globalised conditions. His recent work Toilet Time Compression is a fictional business which operates by expelling (non productive) people from the lavatory after two minutes.
Recent exhibitions include: Toilet Time-Compression, The Royal Standard, Liverpool; Images Float like Marshmallows – activation n°2, The Williamsburgh Savings Bank Tower, New York; ‘La négation du travail spéculatif, Cinéma La Clef. Paris, France.

Chloë Manasseh’s paintings and video works explore the limits of representation and ideas of remixing reality, investigating senses that allow us to construct a limited simulation of what is around us, and with our limited perspective, our memory and imagination further distorts our perception of space.
Recent exhibitions include The Names,Transition Gallery, London; The Book of Palms; Artist in Residence exhibition, SHHS, London; Multiplied 2015,Contemporary Art in Editions Fair, Christies, London; ExpoMilano, Università Cattolica, in association with The Vatican Pavilion, Milan

Running until 10/04/2016,
open Sat 26th March, 2nd & 9th April 12-4pm or by appointment.

Supported by Arts Council England

CBS Gallery
57-59 Victoria Street
L1 6DD