Brindley: Landmarks & Boundaries

Brindley: Landmarks & Boundaries

Brindley: Landmarks & Boundaries

Venue: Brindley
Date(s): 30.8.16 - 8.10.16
Time(s): 10:00 - 17:30

Markmakers Collective Exhibition – Landmarks & Boundaries

30 August to 8 October 2106

Borders between and Landmarks within:

Real and Imagined | Obvious and Ambiguous | Descriptive and Surreal

Landmarks & Boundaries is the latest project from Markmakers; Halton’s contemporary art collective, and was chosen as a theme in late 2014. This group meets monthly to develop ideas for joint working, research and to share the evolution of their creative work.

The theme is inspired by the artists’ geographical location of living near to the coastlines of North West England and Wales, and their individual experiences, knowledge of tides, islands, pathways, histories, folklore and personal rites of passage.

Coming from a range of practice backgrounds, the artists have interpreted the theme in unique ways, though group visits to a series of different locations, including Hilbre Island and the site of the Dream sculpture in St. Helens, provided a shared experience and an opportunity to exchange ideas.

Crossings at high tide, clothes as signifiers of personal boundaries, migration and the ‘right to roam’ are among the subjects explored here. The experience of the human spirit or physical body in relation to natural landmarks and man-made boundaries is investigated, through paint, paper and print. An ongoing engagement and intellectual questioning becomes evident in the artists’ statements, with some works being very personal while others choose to engage in how interaction with others can reveal invisible boundaries and group behaviours.

We hope that you will be intrigued, inspired and surprised by works in the exhibition, and we would welcome your thoughts on your own experiences of landmarks and boundaries within our comments cards.