Bridewell Studios: Grime

Bridewell Studios: Grime
Bridewell Studios: Grime

Venue: Bridewell Studios and Gallery
Dates: 01/03/2019 - 14/03/2019
Times: 10:00 - 16:00


Opening/private view – March 1st 19:00-22:00

Exhibition continues – March 1st until March 14th every day 10:00-4:00

An exhibition opening showcasing contemporary painting, sculpture and video art around the themes of urbanism, class, and the visual language of the internet. We aim to comment, critique and understand the kinds of experiences that are unique to 21st century city life.

James Lloyd: James (Aka Bob Roberts) is an artist hailing from Liverpool who paints his experiences growing up here onto canvas. He utilizes a practice of ‘unconscious’ and ‘impulsive’ motif painting. From this he hopes to gain an insight into themes such as religion, class and sexuality that play in both his own psyche as well as the character of Liverpool.

Joe Prebble: Joe Prebble (Aka sad.kat.png) is a Liverpool based artist originally from North Wales exploring how technology has impacted daily life in the city through a mix of semi-abstract paintings, digital drawing and installation. He tackles these issues through dissecting how cult figures from the internet have begun to have a slow effect on social and sexual politics and therefore the way we interact with each other in an urban context. Joes work shines a spotlight on the darker recesses of online culture in a playful yet thought-provoking way.

Sally Wills: Sally Wills utilizes her experiences of traveling across the UK and internationally to countries such as the Philippians to discuss themes of political and social concern in an urban context. Sally uses collage and miniature sculpture to re-create souvenirs such as gift cards and fridge magnets to comment on the true realities of city life.

Beth: Beth Fletcher is a multimedia artist who is exploring cigarette pollution throughout the streets of Liverpool and the damage and effect it has on the economy, this theme will be portrayed through sculpture.

Francesca Newton: Francesca is currently working in the field of sight specific performance art focusing on the subject of loneliness and isolation within an urban environment. She is currently working in the mediums of film and photography to realise these themes in her practice.

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