Bridewell Studios: EUtopia exhibition

Bridewell Studios: EUtopia exhibition
Bridewell Studios: EUtopia exhibition

Venue: Bridewell Studios and Gallery
Dates: 17/07/2016
Times: 19:00

This exhibition is part of an ongoing collaboration between 40 art students from several different universities in Europe and beyond who attended the European Exchange Academy in 2014, an intensive five-week art school set in an abandoned hospital in East Germany. This exhibition will be mainly organized by UK based artists but with submissions from abroad.

Exhibition for one night only Sunday 17 July 2017 19.00 – late

The theme of the EU collaboration is apparent within us working together. This is going to be an interesting exhibition existing just after the EU referendum decision is made, although we are not going to set a theme for the exhibition. As with the previous exhibitions we have done, our focus is on artistic freedom. The main goal of the exhibition is to continue the collaboration between the artists, providing discussion about the collaboration between the countries involved. Since our final exhibition in Germany, we have also organized an exhibition in Amsterdam. This will be the third major exhibition we will host together and will be a catalyst for future collaboration and discussion.

This project will exist between the 16th and 17th July where we are going to run a 2-day collaboration in Liverpool which will end with a public showing. We will use the first day for private workshops and discussion between ourselves and then the second day will be for setting up the public exhibition which will open on the night. The exhibition will be as varied as other exhibitions we have done in the past including mediums from sculpture and painting to video and performance.