Bold Street Coffee: resurfacing the m62

Bold Street Coffee: resurfacing the m62

Bold Street Coffee: resurfacing the m62

Venue: Bold St Coffee
Date(s): 26.9.17 - 26.10.17
Time(s): All Day

resurfacing the m62.

New work from the mind of bruï.

Bold Street Coffee, Liverpool, L1 4HF
26th Sep – 26th Oct 2017

‘Resurfacing the M62’ is a new series of 9 collage-based risograph prints shown alongside supporting artwork on fabric, drawings and journal extracts.

Following the success of his first solo show ‘Blue Collar Handjob’ at Serigraffeur gallery, Berlin, Nick’s work follows his train of thought in a naturally biographical manner. As ‘BCH’ discussed the complex struggles of pursuing a labour of love before he picked up and left for Europe, ‘Resurfacing the M62’ embodies the magnetism of the North as Nick returns to explore the deep-rooted pride associated with his home, during a restless period of life.

‘Civic pride and grassroots creative culture have long been a celebrated identity within the major cities of the industrial North. A unique bond exists between the citizens and their environment, a relationship that holds a grip over those who embrace the physicality of their turf.
Through observational wandering, my focus has been drawn to the noisy visual landscape that lies out like a worn carpet under our feet as we move around our metropolitan homes. Our meticulously arranged systems of guidance and structure that unconsciously dominate our movements through the city have been overlain with a camouflage of human waste, forming a neglected canvas that may in itself be an influence on our behaviour.’

Nick Booton [ b r u ï ] is an illustrator, designer and printmaker working consistently on music, fashion, branding, packaging and editorial projects. After running a co-working creative and print studio in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle for 3 years he now resides in Manchester and works across the North. His approach utilises his awareness of the overlooked obscurities within modern life as he consumes the canvas of graphic ephemera caused by human activity within towns, cities and communities. Pulling from a wealth of analogue and hand rendered techniques he is able to lay down a plethora of visual language that is experimentally collaged together in it’s digital format, allowing for chance and error to be celebrated. He builds a rich environment for his communication to exist within, derived from critical research into each subject matter.

The exhibition will run as an open-access show during venue opening hours for the full month, with the artist available for personal guides/discussion every Saturday.

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