ArtHouse: Artist of the Month: Kate Tidmarsh

ArtHouse: Artist of the Month: Kate Tidmarsh

ArtHouse: Artist of the Month: Kate Tidmarsh

Venue: ArtHouse Gallery
Date(s): 26.11.22 - 7.1.23
Time(s): All Day

Southport Contemporary Arts

Artist of the Month: Kate Tidmarsh

ArtHouse, 65 Eastbank Street, Southport, Merseyside, PR8 1EJ

26th November 2022 – 7th January 2023

Experimental collagraphic printmaker, Kate Tidmarsh, is always pushing the boundaries of textbook methodology in her personal explorations into image making.

“I am most happy combining my technical handprinting skills with a ‘what would happen if’ approach, resulting in unique exciting investigations and outcomes”.

Working from her canal side studio in West Lancashire, Kate draws upon her location to feed her imagination.

“I work in equal parts from the distilled memory of a place and in response to the colour and pattern in my immediate environment, producing unique or very small editions of hand pulled prints. I develop what I see through my mind’s eye – combining my observations with the memory of previous places and journeys”.

Kate’s individually inked handmade prints are the result of an assortment of printmaking techniques including monoprint, drypoint, lino print and collagraph printing transferred using oil based inks onto a wide variety of papers.

“I particularly enjoy the experimental (and slightly unpredictable) aspects of printmaking, and often use unusual materials and starting points to develop my abstract interpretations of the world around me”.

Kate began her artistic journey many years ago working as a freelance woven textile designer, designing and selling to the contract furnishing fabric trade. Fast forward (through several careers) to a point in her life when she was eventually able to devote more time to doing what she liked best – exploring and creating with colour.

“Printing, like weaving, has a lot of problem solving and practical considerations, which I have always found satisfying”.

Latterly, Kate has been increasingly drawn to documenting the journey she takes when pursuing her ideas through a personal cycle of investigation, process and response.

“I enjoy the process of developing concepts or ideas, exploring variations and producing work in a series, which printing allows me to do easily. Documenting this journey of exploration is an important part of my work”.

Although Kate enjoys creating images in a series or theme, each finished piece is individual and viewed as a one-off piece of art.

Certainly not one to be missed, this latest showing by Kate Tidmarsh will be on display at the ArtHouse, Eastbank Street, Southport from 26th November 2022 – 7th January 2023. The gallery is open Tuesday – Friday 10.00-15.00. Saturday 11.00-16.00.