A Small View: Ob_ject and Ob_serve – Group Show

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    A Small View: Ob_ject and Ob_serve – Group Show

    Venue: A Small View
    Dates: 11/02/16
    Times: 17:00 - 20:00

    Opening Event: Thursday 11 February 2016, 17.00 – 20.00
    Exhibition runs: Saturday 13 February – Saturday 5 March 2016

    A Group Show: Radamés Ajna, Edgar Zanella, Thiago Hersan, Alex Pearl and Sam Skinner

    Ob_ject and Ob_serve
    Radamés Ajna, Thiago Hersan, Alex Pearl and Sam Skinner are a group of artists, technologists and researchers, loosely working under the name Object Liberation Front, who get together to discuss non-anthropocentric Artificial Intelligence and its implications to the social imaginary.

    The group is interested in creating conceptual and practical frameworks for revealing the desires, memories and inner conversations of objects.

    Given that some objects have such a complex array of sensing paraphernalia, they want to explore how these perceptual capabilities shape the construction of their worlds and in turn ours.

    Alex Pearl will present work that looks at the relationship between breakdown in machines and people.

    Radamés Ajna and Thiago Hersan will present ongoing work that deals with the secret lives of our communication technologies.

    Sam Skinner will present fragments from his initial PhD research on the old Liverpool Observatory, and a rendering of future tidal predictions for Gladstone Lock.

    A Small View Open Saturday’s 13.00 – 17.00, or any other day by appointment
    Gostins Arcade
    32-­‐36, Hanover Street,
    L1 4LN