92 Degrees Coffee: Different Ways of Seeing

92 Degrees Coffee: Different Ways of Seeing

92 Degrees Coffee: Different Ways of Seeing

Venue: 92 Degrees Coffee
Date(s): 11.1.19 - 15.2.19
Time(s): 07:45 - 19:00

Different Ways of Seeing – Collage art by Khatuna, Waltraud, Becky, Linda, Brian and Charlotte

Under the tutelage of Georgian artist Khatuna Dadiani-Taylor, 6 local artists have created collages and print work celebrating the city and the surreal. The contributing works have been completed by Khatuna herself, Waltraud Boxhall, Becky Calrow, Linda Hillard, Brian McMinn and Charlotte Pulman, all members of Khatuna’s local art group.

Each artist has contributed 4 pieces of work on Liverpool, nature and still life. The group which have been creating art work together for several years have branched out from the medium of water colour into collage, where you can see each individual’s creativity through the pieces.

Taking the traditions of still life subjects such as fruit and ornaments you can see how each artist has interpreted the piece with their selection of collage material and colours.

The city of Liverpool is the inspiration behind the final pieces created by the art enthusiasts! See how the architecture, history and culture of the city has been explored through these collages in a burst of colour and texture. This is a celebration of Liverpool and the fantastic backdrop it has provided for the artists.

A private viewing will be held on Thursday 31st January from 19:00-22:00. Please contact the coffee shop for more information