LJMU Residency: The Royal Standard: Apex

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    LJMU Residency: The Royal Standard: Apex

    Venue: Northern Lights
    Dates: 07/12/17
    Times: 19:00 - 21:00

    There will be an lm x Liverpool artist sound and noise showcase this Thursday (07.12.17)


    At the Clamour residency space in The Royal Standard building

    Address: Northern Lights, Cains Brewery Village, 5SD, 5 Mann St, Liverpool L8 5AF

    It will be an evening of immersive performance, sound, noise, spoken word and live, adapting artworks and visuals.


    Bethany Irvine
    Callum Morley
    Danielle Waine
    Grace Lynch
    Hassnat Sikander
    Katherine Plumb
    Lars Koens
    Michaela Brenton
    Omar Javed
    Rhian Wyn Griffith