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Socially Engaged Photographer, Manchester Histories

Socially Engaged Photographer, Manchester Histories

Manchester Histories is seeking a socially engaged photographer to work with us on an exciting new project. The People’s River is a community-led project that will collaborate with different community groups who live and work along the River Irk in North Manchester. 

The project will reveal and share the often hidden histories and stories of people’s heritage in a creative way. 

The Photographer will work collaboratively with community groups and residents to co-produce a series of photographs that respond to their lives, the history of the River Irk and Friedrich Engels writing. 

People’s River is inspired by and designed to commemorate the bicentenary of Friedrich Engels’ birth and his connection to the industrial river. Engels, a German socialist philosopher, wrote about the River Irk in his 1845 essay ‘The Working Conditions of the Working Class in England’, based on his experiences in Manchester

Current groups collaborating with Manchester Histories on the People’s River include HMG Paints Ltd, Collyhurst Big Local and the Friends of Angel Meadows. 

The photographer will work with the groups and others to co-create an exhibition or installation of photography in the public realm. 

The exhibition will be coordinated in partnership with the organisation Wupperverband in the city of Wuppertal, Engels’ birthplace in Germany, as part of their celebration of Engels’ birth (‘Engels 2020’).

We welcome applications from photographers or lens based artists with a proven track record of working collaboratively with communities to produce artistic outcomes. 


The artist fee for the project is £2,000 inclusive of VAT. There is also a small budget for workshop materials if required. 

The fee is based on a project plan of 10 days work at £200 per day. 

For further information including how to apply and key dates please visit the Manchester Histories website here.