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Open Design Competition: Mersey Training Ships Memorial

Deadline: Thursday 31 March 2016.

What? We want a striking, individual design for an imposing public memorial to the Mersey training ships.

Where? It will be located on a prominent hilltop position in Birkenhead’s popular Port Sunlight River Park overlooking the River Mersey.
Why? For 139 years from 1855 to 1994 the ships trained approximately 45,000 young boys aged 11 to 18 years for a hard and dangerous life at sea in Britain’s Royal and Merchant Navies. Considerable numbers of them were disadvantaged or problem boys and these ships transformed their lives for the better, giving them a productive and rewarding future.

They gave a lifetime of loyalty and service to their country and significant numbers lost their lives at sea in peace and war.

The Mersey Training Ships Memorial Trust has launched a public design competition to produce a design for an imposing and individual public memorial to the Mersey training ships to be sited in a prominent position in the Port Sunlight River Park (PSRP). The closing date for design proposals is 31st March 2016.

The competition is open to everyone as individuals and/or in groups. Local art, design, landscape architecture and architecture apprentices, trainees and students are particularly encouraged to submit proposals. A prize of £500 will be awarded to the winner(s) and their name(s) will appear on the memorial.

We are seeking a striking and individual design that:

  • Reflects the four ships and the boys’ nautical training.
  • Positively attracts and engages people, rather being something they simply look at.
  • Exploits its prominent position overlooking the river.
  • Integrates the view of the Sloyne and the Mersey.
  • It must also be safe in a Health & Safety context and robust, especially given its elevated and exposed waterside position.

For more information and the Design Brief, visit the website.