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Knowsley 2022 – Call out for creative ideas and expressions of interest

Knowsley 2022

Call out for creative ideas and expressions of interest

Knowsley will be the Liverpool City Region’s Borough of Culture in 2022 which is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate and create.

Our communities have been part of shaping the vision and themes for our special year, which broadly focuses on storytelling. You don’t have to stand at a bus stop or railway station for long before someone will tell you a story. And, of course, many creative and inspirational wordsmiths are from Knowsley and have created some of their most memorable work while based here, such as Phil Redmond, Willy Russell, Alan Bleasdale to name a few. Many other famous wordsmiths, such as Edward Lear and William Shakespeare have connections to Knowsley through the Earls of Derby at Knowsley Hall.

Knowsley is a borough of storytellers, and it’s time to tell ours. Stories of people, places, and magic!

Through the year long programme we plan to have fantastic major events and moments.

We’d now like to fire up the imagination of our towns, villages, communities, schools and organisations to help them to plan for a really exciting and meaningful year of celebration and to start their activities soon, building up to 2022.

To do this we’d love to hear from experienced culture and creative organisations and artists who would like to be part of our year and work with local people in a range of different ways.

We are interested in hearing from artists that would like to get involved in the different areas of the programme, particularly those who would like to develop ideas for the ‘Towns and Villages’ aspect where each town and village will stage an event to celebrate their story in imaginative, magical and celebratory ways. We want to support our communities and school children, to help design the way they tell their stories, by being inspired by different imaginative, approaches in a number of different art forms.

At this stage we would like to hear from creatives who would like to be involved in Knowsley’s Borough of Culture and have previous experience of delivering, creative events, art installations, creative activities, performances etc. in all art forms to share with our communities the creative possibilities available to them.

How to apply:

Please let us know if you are interested and briefly outline the types of ways you would like to link in. If you can send some examples of your work, that would be great too. We’d also be interested to know from organisations who would be able to submit funding applications to work in Knowsley communities, where some match funding could bring this aspiration to life!

Deadline for Expression of Interest: 22nd June

Please send information to: jo.dry@knowsley.gov.uk

Please send large image files via WeTransfer


KMBC will approach communities with the expressions of Interest. We cannot respond to all expressions of interest.

Knowsley MBC reserves the right to cancel this process at any time or not to progress with any ideas submitted.