Monday, July 15, 2024

Humanise Club Artist Bursary

One September Ltd., Metal Culture and the Humanise Community Club are looking for 3 artists to be part of our human rights focused artist’s residency program.

We’d like to make a specific invitation to artists that are from groups that are under-represented in the arts or marginalised by British society.

  • Project Aim

The central question at the heart of the Humanise Club is that of dehumanisation. Our world is ideologically divided and most members of the club have experienced this dehumanisation and discrimination, whether that is because of their immigration status, gender identity, sexual orientation or educational achievement.

This project is aimed at empowering a community to use arts practices to improve their personal and community circumstances. This will bring together local artists working across disciplines with our current Humanise Club – a mixed-age group of people living in and around Picton. Our group has a number of people who are seeking asylum or have refugee status.

As art-workers, we know that artistic practice is a powerful lens through which to view the issues that we face. Artists reframe their work in different contexts exploring new behaviours in order to communicate their thoughts and concerns.

We have seen the ways that interacting with artists at work has helped our current Humanise Community. We have also noted that the greatest benefit is where members of the community learn to use that practice themselves. Feedback from past artists has also shown that ‘the community’ has a profound effect on how each artist sees their work.

We would like to work closely with a Merseyside-based artist to design and deliver a series of creative education workshops and events.

Previous workshops with the Humanise Club have included Bee-Keeping, Foraging, Macrame, Poetry writing and Drawing.

Your Commitment

  • Delivery of 4 weekly one-hour long workshops (online or in person) exploring human rights and your arts practice
  • Participation in the Honey in the Hive podcast with One September Art
  • Attendance at and participation in Film/Discussion during your residency period
  • Meaningful engagement with our themes in relation to your practice

Our Commitment:

  • A flat fee of £1000
  • Space and staffing to support facilitation
  • Small budget to supply materials to participants

Deadline for Application: 12pm, 28th June 2021

Delivery Timetable: July-December 2021

Fee: £1,000, plus limited budget for materials

Supported by funds from the Coop Communities Fund and Arts Council England and delivered in partnership with Metal Culture Liverpool.