Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Digital Exhibitions, Call to Artists & Spaces

Digital Exhibitions, Call to Artists & Spaces

Art in Liverpool will be hosting digital exhibitions from artists and galleries over the next few months. Whether they’re postponed or entirely cancelled, we’ll welcome anything that helps artists work reach the audiences it should have.

There are artists and galleries in the region that have worked months or even years towards exhibitions which have been cancelled. We’re trying to keep their options open rather than replace the galleries, so the new Digital Exhibitions pages will be produced together with artists and galleries. We’re not curators, that’s not what we do. What we have is digital space to create a virtual Liverpool.


What we do want to be really clear about is that we’re not a gallery. We’re not pitting artists against each other to submit their events. While most of the government response has been broadly supportive it left the creative industries, particularly smaller creative groups operating under non-standard company structures, dangerously close to the edge. Arts Council had to respond under pressure and sadly that response was a competitive grant system opening up even more uncertainty for artists and producers. We don’t want to be prescriptive with this new section of the site, and hope it can be open to all.

So, if you are an artist, gallery or cultural space that has had events cancelled we want this to be treated as your space. There’s an example exhibition here, but if you have access to VR cameras, or have panoramic versions of the exhibitions, it’s entirely up to you what you submit – the only thing we ask is that it’s attached to an existing gallery or group so we’re not being asked to judge.

In other words, if your work was already planned for an exhibition and confirmed by a gallery, a collective, or another venue, it’ll go on here. For anything that has been created since, get in touch and we’ll work it out from there (we’re learning as we go and will try to clarify this soon).


Submission requirements:

  • Details of the planned host venue
  • Exhibition title
  • Artist details, bios
  • Any contact details if this is/was a sales exhibitions
  • Images of the work (seperate jpegs)
  • Details of the work (if applicable: titles, dates, sizes, wall text where appropriate) as a word file
    • Try to title the jpeg files to match details of the work so we can match everything correctly
  • The original planned dates
  • Optional
    • If you have any film, panoramas, or 360 film/images of the exhibitions that we documented before lockdown, please submit them too so the exhibition can be represented in it’s original form.


  • None, just keep them coming.

Submission details: