Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Crowd Match Funding, supported by Nesta & Arts Council England

Nesta and Arts Council England are providing support to individual artists, groups of artists or small arts organisations that want to use crowdfunding to get an idea or project off the ground – this could be, for example, a piece of art, an exhibition, a performance or a graduate art show. We’re providing match-funding of 25% to projects that are between £4,000 and £40,000 in size, so there is between £1K and 10K per project available.

Projects can launch their campaign via the platform Crowdfunder by completing a short application form, and if they reach 25% of their target independently we then make a decision on whether they are eligible to receive the 25% of funding we can offer. The link for the fund is here.

We’ve written about the fund, along with some examples of successful early projects here.