Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Coming Home Liverpool Film Competition

Coming Home Liverpool Film Competition


Announcing the Coming Home Liverpool film competition.

I am a film maker who no longer wants to make films. So I am looking for someone who will take my film making kit from me and make good use of it, with one condition. That over the next year or so you make a film of Coming Home Liverpool, the new enterprise I have set up with Jayne Lawless.

That’s it. A simple letting go. But not for free. My lights and other peripheral kit have already been given away on Freecycle. Gladly and without conditions. But I have now reached the letting go of my core equipment, and if you want it this is your chance to buy it with some of your time.

Here’s what you have to do. Make me and Jayne a very short film with whatever you’ve already got, even if it’s just your phone. A film about you and where you live. And send us a link to it, together with no more than 250 words about why you want the film making kit on offer here. Do this by the end of November, then we’ll decide.

And the only requirement will be that over the following year you make a film about us and what we’re doing. Once we’ve decided who gets the equipment we’ll know you’re good and will trust your judgement about the film you then make about us.

Here is what you’ll get.

  • A  JVC GY-HM100 camera
  • A Sennheiser MKE 600 Microphone
  • And a Libec TH 650 tripod

Here are two examples of what this equipment has done. A film about the realities of homelessness in Birkenhead.

And this, my final film, about Granby 4 Streets.

So, by the end of November, send a link to your film and no more than 250 words to me and Jayne here in an email.

That’s it, simple.