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Call Out: Grand Union – Forming a Resident’s Association: Research Group

Forming a Resident’s Association: Research Group

23 September – 19 October 2020

Are you interested and/or involved in housing activism in Birmingham, Nottingham, Glasgow or Liverpool?

This is a paid opportunity for four people to take part in a research project on housing activist methodologies in the UK. 

Over the course of six months (November 2020–May 2021) we will meet online monthly for half a day, taking turns to host meetings to share research into the different methods being used in the service of housing activism in the places we live. We will share readings and films as well as inviting guest speakers to take part. We are interested in past and present housing activist methodologies as well imagining future approaches.

This is a paid opportunity (£1500 per person) for four people, one based in each city. There is also funding available to produce a public outcome at the end of the research period. Priority will be given to people from a range of backgrounds on low and no incomes, we will work to ensure that any payment will not disrupt benefits and income support. Funding is calculated for participation in six half days for meetings and twelve days of research. Extra support for equipment and data is available for those without access to the internet.

If you would like to participate please send us 250 words on who you are and why you wish to participate. We will also accept voice and video recordings. Please note we will only be able to accept one applicant from each of the four cities listed.

If you have any further questions or would like to apply, please send via email to

Deadline: Monday 19 October, 5pm

This project is funded by Art Fund and will be facilitated by Ed Webb-Ingall as part of his ongoing research into the role of video in response to the housing crisis. It is in partnership with Grand Union, Birmingham, Nottingham Contemporary, LUX Scotland and Rule of Threes, Liverpool. More information can be found here.