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Call Out for Performers for Liverpool Biennial 2018

Call Out for Performers for Liverpool Biennial 2018

Artist Taus Makhacheva is looking for performers, actors and spa therapists for a new commission for Liverpool Biennial 2018.

Project Description

For this new Liverpool Biennial 2018 commission, Taus Makhacheva will create a spa incorporating ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) techniques and video. A new ASMR video will be incorporated into a ruin-like sculptural installation that will serve as Spa interior. Parts of the installation ‒ which will be created together with artist Alexander Kutovoi ‒ will serve as furniture. Visitors will be able to book a facial treatment which will be conducted by a performer/actor and take 30 minutes. During the treatment, stories about artworks that have disappeared throughout history of art will be told. The beauty products will be developed with Tigran Geletsyan from 22|11 Cosmetics specifically for this project. The sculptural chairs for the audience will include screens on which a video of a treatment will be played, so that visitors can watch it when no treatment takes place. The spa will provide a heightened experience, combining three registers of stimulation: the intellectual, the physical and the emotional through an overarching holistic approach.

Casting Description

This paid opportunity is open to performers/actors of all levels of experience (students also welcome). You must be willing to conduct choreographed spa treatments in 1:1 sessions in a treatment room environment at Blackburne House, Liverpool. Performers/actors will perform facial treatments for visitors, by appointment, which will include: face cleaning, toning, scrubbing, gentle face and neck massage, mask and an application of cream. Alongside the facial treatment, the performer/actor will tell scripted stories to the visitor in the treatment room.

We are also looking for spa therapists, beauticians and wellness experts to get involved. Knowledge about wellness, cosmetics, beauty and spa treatments is also appreciated. All necessary training will be provided so no previous performance or acting experience is required.


Performers/actors will be paid a fee by Liverpool Biennial. Live performances are planned for Thursdays and Fridays during the biennial (14 July – 28 October 2018) and the opening days (12 July – 14 July 2018). Each performance will take approx. 30 minutes. The performance will be repeated up to 10 times between 10am and 6pm.


To express your interest, please contact Sarah Happersberger at by Friday 1 June or call 0151 203 3581 if you have any questions.

General information on ASMR:

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