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Call for Creatives – Unus Multorum @ Plas Bodfa

Open Call for Proposals
Due: 16 December, 2019

Following this year’s 66-person exhibition ‘Sui Generis’, Plas Bodfa Projects is calling for proposals for next year’s show. Plas Bodfa will once again open its doors for a house-wide, radically multi-disciplinary exhibition.

Unus Multorum is the second major happening in an ongoing series of exhibitions, artworks and projects inspired by the process of renovating Plas Bodfa, a 100 year-old manor house on the Isle of Anglesey in Wales.

There are two ways to participate:

• With a sculpture, installation, photo series, performance, creative act, invention, creation, film or two-dimensional work, created by one person or in collaboration

• With a series of artist multiples as part of ‘Plas Bodfa Objects’, an ongoing project which will launch within the exhibition. Artist multiples are a series of objects produced for sale, in small and limited editions.

Important Dates

>Plas Bodfa Site visitsProposal Due dateExhibition InstallationExhibition dates<
4 – 19 April 2020

Exhibition Concept

‘Unus multorum’ is a Latin phrase meaning ‘one of many’, the opposite of ‘Sui Generis’ which means ‘one of a kind’. ‘Unus multorum’ was used in Roman times as a neutral pseudonym when publishing texts anonymously.

In a world 7.7 billion strong, there is certainly power in a multitude, strength in numbers. We form groups and societies, creating our identity through nation building, tribal structures, brand loyalty, subcultures and sports teams. We find pleasure in repetitive patterns, comfort in group ritual. Collective action requires us to focus on the things we have in common, rather than our individuality.

Plas Bodfa is just one house, in one village, in one country, at this particular moment in history. Particular, yes…uncommon, no. This exhibition explores the ubiquitous, the omnipresent and the universal materials and processes that are all-around, all-over, all-the-time. It also marks the launch of ‘Plas Bodfa Objects’ a series of artist multiples. Offered at affordable prices and created for a wide audience, these limited edition creations celebrate uniformity and easy dissemination.

For complete exhibition information and application details please write to :