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The Blank Canvas Octet, needs improvisers

The Blank Canvas Octet, needs improvisers

The Blank Canvas Octet explore the score, that is Phil Morton’s concept, “Ensemble 50:50”
Ensemble 50:50 is the challenge of simplicity, it is simple, 50 : 50 translates as : 50 percent silence and percent “free play” during the creative process of delivering the music.

Example; if the duration of the piece is 30 minutes, the performer plays for 15 minutes and is silent for 15 mins. Each player is free to choose when they play and when they are silent within the duration of the piece, the totals are aggregated totals. At the end of the piece  they must have a 50/50 balance between playing and being silent. It is expected that each player will improvise their music, but other options could be explored.

Delivered by the primary and preferred time management option:

Mechanical chess clocks are required to facilitate the aim of the system. One of the pair of dials is called ‘tacet’ and the other ‘free play’.  Each performer has an individual chess clock to monitor and manage their contribution. The performer plays when the ‘free play’ dial is running down and is silent when the ‘tacet’ dial is running down.

Experience of playing free improvisation in music is desirable.

Full introduction

The Octet play every two months plus rehearsals when appropriate.

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