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Artist Commission, LeftCoast, Blackpool

Deadline: Monday 22 February 2016. Paid.

Members of Claremont Park Community Centre in Blackpool are seeking proposals from artists/organisations interested in creating a permanent site-specific sculpture or installation within the public space of the Community Centre.

This commission is part of LeftCoasts’ Neighbourhood Commissions project which gives communities the chance to work with LeftCoast and artists directly in their community spaces.

Members of the group would like the artist to consider as many of the following objectives as possible: –

A sculpture or installation which:
– Incorporates interactivity such as light and sound
– Is able to support temporary installations on it or around (that may be created from time to time by the community centre members)
– Responds to the environment and local ecology
– Represents the local community and history of the surrounding area
– Uses reclaimed and/or recycled materials

The group would like to see as many of the following outcomes from the project as possible:
– A sculpture/installation which encourages the local community to engage with the arts
– Engages the community in their local environment
– People will learn creative skills through the process and will be able to contribute temporary work to the installation/structure
– Encourages a sense of ownership
– Develops a stronger sense of civic pride

Anticipated Timescale:

  • January/February: Advertise brief
  • February/March: Shortlisting, interview and commission
  • April/June: Appointed artist/organisation working with the group to develop the commission
  • July/Aug: Development/creation of the piece
  • September: Presentation/installation of the commission


£16,000: Commissioning budget – to include all fees, materials and installation

£700: Additional travel/accommodation expenses for selected artist/organisation

There is a separate budget for marketing and communications

All budget figures are exclusive of VAT. LeftCoast is VAT registered.

Application Deadline: 5pm on Monday 22nd February, 2016

More information can be found here including an artists brief and application form.
For full details, visit the website.