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Amplified Digital Funding from Nesta

Deadline for expressions of interest 14 November 2018

Nesta has launched Amplified, a pilot programme, to encourage the development of creative digital ideas that generate a positive social outcome. Offering £10,000 of grant funding to cultural and creative organisations to develop digital ideas. The ideas can be anything from a game to an interactive installation, as long as it seeks to generate a direct social outcome. The social outcomes can be anything from increasing community cohesion to reducing the consumption of single use plastics.

The Amplified pilot will support the development of digital ideas through a number of activities:

  • Funding – aimed at specific digital projects, aligned with a direct beneficiary outcome
  • Mentoring – from industry leaders to help nurture and support the ideas
  • Six months of structured support – intensive support, two days per month, for six months; providing opportunities for you to gain new skills, network with other Amplified innovators and focus completely on the development of your idea (similar to an incubator or accelerator)