Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Recent Additions to the Artists Directory

Actually its been a year since my last update so some are not so recent, must update more frequently.

Several artist’s pages have been updated too.

If you are an artist based in the Merseyside area and would like a (FREE) pageĀ  in the directory then please contact us for details.

Rachel Harding

Stella Lang

Anton Dala

Adam Vaughan

Maggie Izzard

Julian Kimmings

Mick Gill

Alice Roberts

Gay Caul

Paul Shiers

Phillip Lowe

Carl cbd

Anna Di Scala

Zoe Freeman

Tony Bishop

Bob Hughes

Forrest Fine Arts

Clifford Sayer

Elaine Adams

Mike Badger

Janine Rumble

Jacqueline F Kerr

Gianni Bianchini

Carol Ryder