Friday, July 19, 2024
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Diary of a Middle Aged Artist

Liverpool artist Moira Kenny recently started a blog and has been writing some interesting stuff almost every day. Hope she keeps it up, its a good insight on the daily life of a busy artist and mother of schoolchildren.

Here’s an excerpt from today’s posting…

Got a signed letter from Frank Auerbach which has made me very happy indeed with permission to use it in my film.

It came as an attachment. I took it to Hobs and saw the guy there and asked if they had any good quality paper that I could photocopy the letter on to as it was important, maybe paper with some texture. We are talking aesthetics here.
He asked why. I told him I was going to film it.
He said “what does it matter if you are going to film it any old paper would do”
I said “yes…. have you got any buff coloured paper?”
He didn’t answer. You would of had to have been there it was his face. He is quality control on legs. He thought the whole idea was rubbish.

Bf went into Hobs once when we were developing the concept of an exhibition space with good quality studio space for creatives in the Trade Union 24 Hardman Street. Bf had done a series of felt tip dog drawings. He wanted to see what would happen to the felt tip marks with enlarged pixillation. He asked the same guy how much it would cost to blow up the drawing as large as possible.
He handed it over.
“It’s not very good is it? I really wouldn’t bother if I was you”
So he didn’t but we laughed so hard over that, the type of laugh that makes your stomach ache and still do whenever we think about it.