Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Artists Page for MySpace – Sign the Petition

I don’t know if these petitions are any use but we can try.

Myspace’s music program has helped thousands of bands and solo musicians get signed and break into the music industry. Why do you only have a program for music?? I am making a suggestion to add a section for visual artist. It would be just like your program for musicians, only for the visual arts. It could simply have a space for a portfolio, along with a section for a bio/artist statement. You could have a separate section for visual artists and sub categories (Fine Arts, Illustration, Computer Art, Animation ect.) so it’s easier for gallery owners/curators as well as people looking for freelance artist (to illustrate books or maybe album covers) to search through a database of artist listed on myspace. Just like your music promotions, you could have a featured artist section and so forth…..