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Artist Makes $25,000 on eBay

rawartist.jpgI thought some might be interested in this which I have re-blogged from the Art News Blog.
I couldn’t possibly comment on the quality of the art but she sure knows how to sell.

From her press release..

Michel Leah Keck is nothing if not unconventional. Known as The Raw Artistâ„¢ (, Keck is self-taught, working in a variety of media. Her art is sought after by collectors from around the world. Works by The Raw Artist fetch from hundreds to a couple of thousand via her eBay art auctions. But, unlike many artists who enjoy similar success through gallery representation alone, Keck has a strong focus on self-representation – and her auction house of choice is eBay, where she has just completed her first qualifying month as an eBay Platinum PowerSeller, thanks to sales at that site of over $25,000 in the last month.

Impressive for one who has been described as an outsider artist. But then, Keck is used to doing things a little differently. She has eschewed the traditional starve-until-you-get-big-gallery-representation route, instead concentrating on Web sales since 2003. In less than two years, Keck has become one of the most popular self-represented artists on eBay, with recent average monthly sales of $20,000. It is not uncommon for The Raw Artist’s works to be snapped up through the site’s “Buy It Now” feature before ever going to auction. In fact, three spiritual paintings from her Prayer Series sold through the “Buy It Now” feature within 48 hours of being listed in her store.