Saturday, July 20, 2024

12 Angry Zines – from Mercy


Just been reading the first of Mercy‘s e-zines for this year. Its only 6 pages but a good read, the poetry is excellent as you would expect from Nathan Jones & Co. and Tom Common’s article about Sheffield architecture is very interesting.

12 Angry Zines

This year, Mercy are producing twelve monthly E-Zines, each one based on a character from Sidney Lumet’s seminal 1957 movie, 12 Angry Men.

Why? Well, we love the way the sentiment of this film chimes with our strapline If We Don’t Care, Who Will? and the Mercy touchstones of irreverence, integrity and provocation.

Since the day dot, Mercy events, zine and design production has thrived on the will to challenge the accepted norm, the energy to make things happen, and the generosity to see it through to the hair-raising end. In this sense, Davis from 12 Angry Men is Mercy’s dad.

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