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C.U.C. – Local Produce

local-produce-100Local Produce
14 – 23 May 2010
Local Produce is a unique display of works by both established and up and coming local artists which explore themes of place, identity and reinvention. Through a diverse range of work which includes installation, graphic design and photography, Local Produce brings together artworks with key themes that reflect Liverpool as a centre of culture both past and present.

The exhibition is curated by Debbie Morgan and Liz Heague, two History of Art and Museum Studies students in their third year of study at John Moores University. Inspired by Liverpool’s wealth of culture and artistic talent, the student curators wished to reflect their enthusiasm for the city and the arts through the interpretation on the chosen artworks and the exploration of key themes.

Local Produce also offers the chance to view exclusive artwork by the artist Alex Corina, best known for his playful interpretation of some of Liverpool’s most famous icons and Liverpool Capital of Culture 08 imagery. Works by the graphic designer Steve Hardstaff, described as a leading figure in music industry design and whose large body of work has strong links with the city’s legendary music scene are also featured.

Kevin Power a John Moores University student, freelance graphic designer, photographer and Susan Cotton Travel Award winner has a keen interest in travel which is interpreted in the exhibition through narrative graphic art and photography. Beverley Glover, another promising new talent, is a practising artist and recent Fine Art graduate who explores themes of desire and escapism through large scale installation and whose Hiroshima Bed is the highlight of the exhibition.