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Corke Gallery: Landscapes by Lisa Cole Kronenburg

Landscapes by Lisa Cole Kronenburg at Corke Art Gallery. 23 March – Saturday 2 April 2011.
The Corke Art Gallery is proud to announce its first show of landscape paintings by Lisa Cole Kronenburg who has has lived and worked in Liverpool for over twenty years.

In reflecting on her work she states:
‘Certain landscapes, relationships of light, space and colour, have a deep significance for me. Even as a small child growing up in the Mid‐western United States ( New Mexico, Texas and Kansas) I was aware of the light, movements, sounds and spaces of the places we lived. But mostly it was a sense of recognition, that it was somehow part of me ‐ an extension of myself.

This feeling was both reassuring and frightening. I have therefore always wondered and worried about scale and distance ‐ something bigger than my comprehension or understanding, but always present, always there. This continuing sensitivity to landscape is at the core of all my work.

Most of my earlier painting represented vast, panoramic, empty places with an ambiguous sense of scale and, also sometimes, of subject matter (for example, was it water or earth that was represented?). However, they conformed to the traditional landscape composition of horizon line, ground and sky.

More recently, my viewpoint has shifted from the depiction of wide‐open spaces and vistas to the more intimate, close‐up incidents within the landscape. I find myself increasingly preoccupied with the nuances of light and shade perceived from a much closer point of view. I became powerfully aware of small, fleeting and elusive glimpses of the natural world in close‐up.

My new paintings represent this change of perspective ‐ air, light, land and water are still observed but by detaching them from their context they enable me to explore more enigmatic and abstract compositions.’