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Corke Gallery: Sequential by Alan Redfern

Sequential by Alan Redfern
3 – 19 March 2011

Sequential is internationally successful, abstract artist and art lecturer, Alan Redfern’s first UK exhibition for seven years.  It follows his series of shows in Australia which resulted in all his paintings being sold. This new collection of paintings will be exhibited for the first time in the UK at the Corke Art Gallery in Liverpool, Alan’s home town.

Alan’s work is influenced by the Abstract Expressionists movement and in particular the work of Robert Motherwell. His distinctive paintings are initially influenced by journeys through the changing landscape and then his working process becomes the main and underlying factor as his abstract work follows a sequence of creation and evolves through practice and refinement.

Alan Redfern – February 2011

“With most of my work, I explore spontaneity and structure within the process of creating a painting, thus resulting in the manifestation of correlations between form, movement and light which are at the underlying concern of my work. I tend to look for relationships of sorts; either contrasts or harmony’s as a starting point.

The Sequential Collection was initially influenced by the landscape; landscapes are active, changing and vibrant environments that have always interested me. I wanted to explore how the landscape changes through time.

I’m inclined to start with a series of observational drawings and build a collection of visual research. I then use elements from all of the drawings made to create what I feel represents a true account of my experience within that period of time.

As time progressed I wanted my work to be as changing as the landscapes that initially influenced them. At this moment I decided to use the previous works created as a starting point for the next; and so the sequence started.

The process of creation began to be just as important as the inaugural concept itself. I feel this best represents a truth of experience and that expressive gestures, colours and harmonies are essential aspects that verify my methodology.

The Sequential Series of art works have been numbered in order of creation.”

Entry to the gallery is free and all works of art are available for purchase.

The gallery is open 2pm – 6pm, Tuesday – Friday and Saturday 10am – 2pm.
Viewing is available at other times by appointment by calling Nic Corke on 07773 287827