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Corke Gallery: Inventions and Reinventions – Martin Greenland

15 September – 14 October 2012

The Corke Art Gallery is proud to present an Exhibition of the work of Martin Greenland winner of the Liverpool John Moores 24 Painting Prize in 2006.

Inventions & Reinventions is a collection of imagined landscapes which reference the rural environment’s splendour and the changes wrought by the hand of human activity and the passage of time.

The paintings are not literal interpretations. They are refashioning of places visited that have struck a chord, or they are places which have evolved on the canvas to become illusions of places which have no known existence, in which every element is an invention.

Freed from the inevitable stranglehold of reproducing reality and what is before him, Greenland creates worlds, visualised in his imagination and brought to life on canvas in many layers that convey what landscape could or should be.

The exhibition features English landscapes, illuminated with continental light, with features enhanced by vibrant colour and saturation whilst other paintings in the show feature restricted use of light and colour and draw the viewer into a scene that demands considered appreciation long enough for the eye to adjust to the subtle elements represented in the painting.

Greenland’s roots are deep and broad, his work references symbolism to Surrealism via Realism and Romanticism and he paints ideas and feelings about the time and place we find ourselves – ever changing and yet often constant.

Since winning the highly acclaimed National John Moores Painting Prize in 2006, Greenland has continued to exhibit extensively throughout the UK and is now enjoying new successes internationally.