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Corke Gallery: Fusion by M. Valerio

6 –  26 September 2014

Wed – Fri 1pm – 5pm, or by appointment (call 07773 287827 )


Private View: 7-8pm, Friday 5 September 2014

M. Valerio is a fine artist, illustrator and poet  who is constantly creating new bodies of work incorporating huge themes – love & loss, nature & science, the future & the past.

The artist creates vibrant, colourful art works in acrylics, oil pastels and water colours. Subjects of the artist’s work include still life, portraits, landscapes and works from the imagination. Finely detailed, large scale drawings, in pen and ink or pencil, bring together the figurative and abstract, the patterned and chaotic and the polemic and playful.

The Corke Art Gallery show which coincides with the Liverpool Biennial Festival features a series of new collections of work never previously exhibited and this will be M. Valerio’s largest exhibition of original drawings included in a single solo show .

M. Valerio’s work can be seen online at

The show will also include a set of 10 booklets of illustrated rhymes for children entitled ‘The Macaldi Moraldi Collection’.

“They are rhymes that touch on issues of the day but in quite a playful way for children. They are for thoughtful imaginative young people, from five upwards,” explained M. Valerio.

Editions of many of the booklets have been sold in aid of a number of  humanitarian organisations, including Amnesty International, The Big Issue, Oxfam and Médecins sans Frontières.

The show features original works which will be available for purchase.  Also available will be a limited number of framed high quality prints, limited edition prints and cards from the artists extensive back catalogue.